Mad Mark Farms

Mad Mark Farm
Mark Seegmueller is the founder, owner and mastermind behind growing all the incredible strains offered by Mad Mark Farms out of Enumclaw, WA.


Clones at Mad Mark Farms
The little babies; clones getting their root systems strong before moving into a much bigger pot, soon.


Clones at Mad Mark Farms in Enumclaw, WA.
Mark shows off his babies as he led us around his veg and flower rooms.


Buds on the cannabis plant at Mad Mark Farms.
Mark shows us his ladies as they start showing signs of budding.


Clones grow buds at Mad Mark Farms.
You can see the start of buds forming in the center of the stalk top.


Cannabis plants at Mad Mark Farms
Reaching almost the ceiling, the plants in this room were huge and full! Can you smell it through the screen?


Plants at Mad Mark Farms


Mad Mark Farm in Enumclaw gave a tour.
Full of trichomes, the plants at Mad Mark Farms were skunky with a blooming aroma that made us happy!


Budding flowers at Mad Mark Farms.


Mad Mark ladies grow tall and green
Mad Mark Farms consistently produces very hairy buds.


Grape Ape at Mad Mark Farms
Sparkling Grape Ape as it slowly matures, it will keep getting more frosty as it grows.


Mad Mark farms available in Washington State.
Enjoy flower grown by Mad Mark Farms such as Amnesia, Black Cherry Soda, Grape Ape and Carl Sagan.

Mad Mark Farms can be found at all three of our locations!

Mad Mark Farms grows Black Cherry Soda.
Black Cherry Soda is the perfect uplifting hybrid staple for your stash box. With fruity flavors and the perky high, Mad Mark Farms did not disappoint!

With pre-rolls, kief and flower available, there is a variety of ways to enjoy was is being grown with love and experience in Enumclaw, WA.

Photography By: Masha Brown


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