How to Roll a Blunt

Cannabis has been used for many years as a way for people to get to know each other. There is a great sense of unity when passing around marijuana while sharing funny stories or interesting thoughts, as well as the ritual of the roll itself. Blunts are great for sharing because they are easy to pass around—they don’t involve any re-packing or re-lighting.

So, what is a blunt? The term “blunt” was actually derived from “Phillies Blunt” brand, but is commonly used as a nickname for cannabis that is broken down and filled into an emptied cigar wrap. Read on for my tips on how to roll a perfect blunt. With trial and error (if the error leads to getting high then I’m in!) you will be ready to roll them in no time.

What Do I Roll a Blunt With?

To roll a blunt you need a cigar wrap. Some of the popular cigar brands, which come in a variety of sizes and flavors, include:

  • Swisher Sweets
  • White Owl
  • Phillies
  • Dutch Masters
  • Backwoods
  • Flavorless is also an option for those who enjoy tasting the terpenes within their marijuana.

When purchasing a cigar, first make sure that it is fresh. All you have to do is pinch on the casing or packaging to feel for softness. If the cigar is crunchy, simply ask for another. Most places will not mind pulling a few out for you to choose from.

After deciding on a cigar, you will need to split it evenly along the seal and remove the tobacco. To do this, look closely at your cigar and search for the faint line that goes from one end of the cigar to the opposite end. Opening the cigar here will make rolling the blunt easier.

There are a few ways to split the cigar; you can either use a blunt splitter or your fingers. A blunt splitter is a very inexpensive tool that can be purchased at most head shops. You simply slide the cigar through the splitter and let it do its work. It’s magic, I promise. If you are using your fingers, I would suggest getting the seal lightly wet with your saliva first. This keeps the blunt tearing along the seal instead of going off course. This will save many the heartache of ruining the only wrap because of a dry cigar.

The Blunt Rolling Technique

How to Roll a Joint

  1. Select a cigar – A fresh casing is important. Lightly pinch the cigar to gauge softness. If fresh, it will compress gently. If crunchy, choose another cigar
  2. Split the cigar – Using a blunt splitter or your fingers, gently separate along the seam
  3. Empty the cigar – discard the tobacco
  4. Fill the blunt – Evenly pack the cigar wrap with broken down weed. Leave slightly less weed on one end to form a mouthpiece. An even blunt insures smooth burning.
  5. Form the blunt – Using your index fingers and thumbs, form the marijuana into a cylinder shape by sliding each side of the wrap together by pushing up and down evenly with your thumbs in a rolling motion. Simultaneously apply equal pressure with your index fingers
  6. Tuck the wrap – Start from the mouthpiece and start to tuck the wrap from your thumb side under the wrap on your index fingers’ side.
  7. Lick the wrap – As you tuck the wrap under the opposing side, lightly lick the inside of the wrapper to encourage adhesion between the sides. Move from the mouthpiece to the end.
  8. Seal the wrap – Gently hold the blunt along the seam until your saliva adheres the sides

The most vital part of the process is lighting the blunt. You don’t light a blunt the same way you light a cigarette. With a blunt, you hold the flame to the tip while rotating it with your fingers until the blunt is evenly lit on all sides. This makes the tobacco wrap burn evenly throughout the smoke session.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. In no time you will have the technique down but until then, keep on practicing. If you need a better visualization or any tips, come see me at The Evergreen Market Ikea-District Location!

Written By: Vaughn, Educator at South Renton

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