Intentional Cannabis Consumption

Smoking cannabis with intention
Cannabis can be used to boost productivity or creative thought.

I consume cannabis on a daily basis. I also consume cannabis with intention. There are many reasons why I choose to smoke bud, eat an edible or rub on a topical. Some mornings it’s for my nausea or to assist with my appetite. Other days it’s to adjust my mood. There are times I smoke to get more creative and free thinking or to relax my muscles after a long work out.

Topicals are another non-psychoactive cannabis product.
I love using Fairwinds Flow topical rub for the carpal tunnel in my hands.

This may come as a shock for those who have little experience or have never tried cannabis. The stigma and connotation is that if you are a daily consumer of cannabis, you are most likely less productive and not nearly as intelligent or hard working as an individual who abstains. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, many who partake in this industry on a daily level never consume enough to intoxicate to the extremes seen in movies like Cheech & Chong. Microdosing or intentional consumption are both ways to ingest, use or smoke smaller amounts of cannabis or cannabis products, while still receiving the benefits.

For some, cannabis relaxes them to a place where getting work done may not actually exist. Yet, for many daily consumers of years, it brings a level of laser focus to the situation that allows for a deeper dissection and thus, a better understanding of the topic.

People have been known to use cannabis for anxiety or depression, simply because it has the ability to change your thought process and lift your spirit. A plant that does all this and much more, but, the much more part is still open to debate, discussion and study. There is so much we have not yet discovered, proven or agreed upon that the cannabis plant provides and fulfills.

Cannabis can enhance a situation, if used properly.
Cannabis can enhance an experience, like making your favorite movie even more funny.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I never smoke to get high, relax or just get away after a long day. I also get very excited when I find a bud that I can smoke and zone into my work, because it enhances my ideas.

This means that when smoking strains, I am smoking with intention. I am dissecting the bud- from the look, to the taste and of course, the affects. I take note, and then I take note again. Through time, my body chemistry may change and so does the affects of the THC on my body and mind. Time also has the ability to affect the molecular structure of the bud, changing the way it interacts with your body.

Unknown to many, there are also non-psychoactive properties to cannabis, like CBDs. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is another important component of the cannabis plant. It does not get you “stoned” but works with THC, and is known to help alleviate anxiety or epilepsy, for example. Those unfamiliar with the industry, may have no idea that there are cannabis products that won’t get you high but may stop those pesky menstrual cramps or even depression.

As the industry continues to grow, stabilize and normalize, health benefits will become more well-known and trusted, and products providing those aids will get the recognition they deserve. For now, there is no doubt, if you know what works well for you and how your body will react, you can enhance almost any situation with a little cannabis.

Tinctures are another way to consume cannabis.
Brain Power Tincture from Kronic Tonic is a great aid to assist with focus and promote a sense of mental well-being.

Written By: Masha Brown

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