Holiday Things to do in WA that are Lit.

Holiday Things to do in WA that are Lit-erally the best.

If you’re looking to get lit for the season, here are some places you need to attend for the best holiday things to do in WA.

Snowflake Lane, Bellevue WA 

If you’re visiting the family over the holidays and looking to get lit, look no more. Grab some hot cocoa and watch this free lit parade. Enjoy the lights, music, and ‘snow’ bubbles that this event has to offer. The parade shuts down part of the street everyday – so countdown the days until Christmas with continuous traffic. To avoid that traffic, head to the ice rink at the park or grab a bite to eat.

Enchant Christmas, Seattle WA

Spice up your social media with this bad boi. If you’re looking for a low-key Instagram-able #litmas pic – go to Enchant. With the light maze and it’s light-bulb drinks, it’s literally lit everywhere. This is also a great option for a group adventure into the lights of T-Mobile Park.

Zoo lights, Tacoma WA

Looking to get lit with animals? Tacoma is your spot. Although most of the animals will be asleep, the lights keep you filled with wonder and the spirit of the season.  If you’re done getting lit, you can hit up the new aquarium and chill with the fishes.

Bellevue Botanical Garden (Garden D’Lights), Bellevue WA

Animals not your thing? Head to Bellevue for a garden that gets lit. It’s an easy walk through the garden, and the lights make it a mellow atmosphere to enjoy the little things.

Lumaze, Seattle WA 

Have you asked yourself, “I’m wondering if there’s a place where I can be fully submerged in lights, step on some lights, and swing on some lights?” if the answer is yes, this is your spot. You can get lit while swinging on a giant led lightbulb. Just don’t bring your significant other, they might be jealous of how lit it is.

Fantasy Lights, Spanaway WA

Don’t want to get out of the car to enjoy getting lit? No problem. Drive through this fantasy park to giant lights, that are so close you can “almost” touch them, but don’t (you will get kicked out.) Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy getting lit with your friends.

Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth WA

Just a town that’s lit. Lit everywhere. You want the mother of Litmas? Get on a bus and go to Leavenworth.

Written by: Emma Titchenal

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