Emma Rated Apps while Stoned

I rated apps while stoned from 1 -10. Not all of them were winners.

Before I reviewed anything I was watching a movie and hitting the pax pod with a Purple Punch from Burnwell. This led me into a fun filled, and super chill high. That’s when I decided to write this blog post.

I got pretty bored watching movies after about 20 minutes, so I decided to go on my phone and look up “apps that are great to play while high.” As I was searching I stumbled upon 4 unique apps. Some were better than others.

App #1 – Tube Spin

I was playing this game, and thinking to myself “why isn’t the ball or the buttons changing colors. It showed it in the teaser trailer on the app store” and then I realized I was in the tutorial still. The tutorial was 10/10 for if you would like to relax and not play a game while high.

As for the app – I got passed level 1 with ease, but the ads kept popping up for level 2. I was not in the mood for shopping on Wayfair, so that was a bit of an interrupting turn off. Level 2 I instantly forgot how to play the app due to the commercial break, and moved on to the next app. As far as an ideal app for being stoned? Not an amazing choice.

Tutorial 10/10

Game 6/10

App #2 – Forge of Neon

At first, my mind was immediately blown. It’s a design app, you basically just make different patterns with different colors of neon. However, as the game went on, I realized I was just making the same design over and over again. This got boring and repetitive real fast.

4/10 – however, this app started out an 8.

App #3 – Trippy Bird

Honestly, it’s so terrifying that it’s fun. I don’t know whether to be scared of it or just scared. Period. The game is super addictive, and I can’t look away. It’s like flappy bird but also nightmares. I’ll be like bounce bounce bounce and then SUCKED INTO THE BACKGROUND and die. What other game can you do that? Also every single time is different, so there’s no way of not dying. You will die. You will never regret getting this game. I laughed, I cried, I screamed and I kept playing.

I give this app a 9/10 – it would’ve been a 10 but it is truly the thing of nightmares and I am concerned about whoever made it.

Ap- #4 – Tiny Decisions

I’m a person, who hates making little decisions. Or any decisions. I heard the less decisions you make in a day, the better, so I decided while high to take it upon myself to solve this problem instantly. The wheel of fortune quickly made me curious, but then it landed on sushi and I got hungry. I went over to the pointy finger and read “put 5 fingers on the screen” I put my whole hand on the screen but it only chose 1 finger. Lastly, I tried the cash one, but it was so simple. Just a coin toss. Like come on, tiny decisions, I could do a coin toss in real life.

Overall I’ll rate it a 5/10.

Written by: Emma Titchenal

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