Higher Education Recap: Valentines Day with Dr. Christopher Ryan

Higher Education with The Goodship
Live music by Roxanna Walitzki started the evening, her opera-inspirational sounds filled the space with a melody that was calming and passionately exciting.

With the shortest month over in 2018, it has been a busy one in the world of cannabis and events. In a way, starting off the event season, February brought Kush Mart and CannaCon to Seattle, as well as Goodship’s quarterly Higher Education: a series featuring informative and enticing topics that are made even better with a delicious edible and this time, chocolate dipped strawberries (uninfused, of course), appropriately made for the Valentine’s Day discussion.

Goodships' Higher Ed present Dr. Christopher Ryan
Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, shared his hypothesis for the future of modern romance at the Valentine’s Day talk thrown by Goodship.

The title of the topic was “Prehistoric Sex and the Future of Modern Romance,” featuring Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn. With a lively attitude and a big smile, Dr. Ryan started off the talk right on topic, sweetening up the listeners by referring to the packed room as “smart, open-minded, crowd of sexy people” who chose to come and listen on Valentine’s Day, of all days.

Author of Sex at Dawn, DR. Christopher Ryan shares his thoughts on love and sex in the modern world.
“Love, Sex, it’s charged! There’s a lot of grey area,” Dr. Christopher Ryan explained to a packed audience on this Hump Day, V-Day.

Dr. Ryan was spirited and upbeat, instantly on his feet, engaging the crowd, making jokes and having lots of fun. It was like listening to your college professor who likes to cuss and make comedy, while sharing great wisdom. I had one of those at CWU (shoutout to Prof. Pichardo!) and his class changed my life view for the better, as did this talk.

Dr. Christopher Ryan talked about his first Valentines Day memory in 4th grade, getting a card that said
Be Mine.

The butt bra in Seattle
Have you ever seen a butt bra? Dr. Ryan made sure we all knew what he was talking about.

WTF is that?” he asked the room.

The crowd exploded with laugher, as he unraveled the intense feeling of control and ownership he sees a majority of people in our society express, with love. The night progressed into discussing the size of the male sexual organs, especially for a human, versus one of our closest relatives, the gorilla. He shared that with the large ape, they have so much literal competition, that once a silverback has a mate, he does not have to worry of losing that mate. Compared to humans, who have so much competition going on all the time, that penis size is an added bonus to intrigue and captivate a woman. Relative to our actual size, human male genitals are the the biggest of all apes. Why? This is a biological evolution for human benefit. The talk got into the science of sexuality quickly, and it was very intriguing, quirky and amusing.

Higher Education in Seattle with Goodship
When sin is fun! A comedic look at life. One letter away from a whole new meaning, ” God says homosexuality is in.”

Dr. Ryan concluded that the more we diverge from the past path of humans, the worst the affects could be.

“Be honest with yourselves and be honest with your partner.”

Valentines Day with The Goodship's Higher Education.
Dr. Christopher Ryan spoke at Goodship’s Higher Education talk earlier this month, focusing on sex and love through time, and presently.

He hypothesized our monogamous fixation may be hurting our society and that’s the reason there’s such a high divorce rate… maybe there is some truth to this? (Divorce rate in the United States is upwards of 50% now.)

Although a child of divorce, I’m not sure how I feel about this, as I have personal innate feeling towards wanting monogamy in my life, that fairy tale ending many girls dream of.

But for now I enjoy my real life fairly tale of cannabis in my daily life, which a few years ago did not seem like the reality we live in today.

With another invigorating talk from Higher Education, I look forward to the topic they pick next. In the meantime, stop by our Evergreen Market locations and snag some of your favorite edibles and treats by The Goodship.

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Goodship has a variety of edibles available from jellies to peppermint patties and mints.

Written by: Masha Brown


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