Best 420 Friendly Hotels in the Pacific Northwest

Time to get away.

Whether you’re a tourist looking to enjoy the abundant (and legal) greenery or a local looking for a nice escape, Pacific Northwest can be a magical place to explore cannabis culture. Unfortunately, enjoying that legal green is not without its challenges. While recreational marijuana may be legal in the PNW, it’s still illegal to use in “public view.” Outdoors, this includes sidewalks, streets, and public parks. Indoors, it’s forbidden in workspaces, and public health laws restrict any kind of smoking in public buildings. The law protects use in private residences, but what is a tourist or traveler to do?

The obvious place to turn is to hotel rooms. In Seattle, vaporizing and edible consumption are allowed “if the establishment permits it.” Smoking is allowed only in private, designated smoking rooms, the existence of which is increasingly rare.

Finding out which “establishments permit it” is no easy task. Most hotels prefer not to advertise themselves as cannabis-friendly, opting instead for turning a blind eye unless customers complain.

Looking for a warmer welcome? Luckily, there are other places you can turn for a more relaxing get-away.
Here’s our list of the best 420 friendly places to stay in the Pacific Northwest:

Bed Baked and Beyond – Seattle, WA

The 420 friendly space at bed, baked, and beyond is cozy like home
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This 420 friendly B&B has two separate Seattle locations.

At Cherry Hill, book a room or the entirety of their beautiful, Victorian guest house. You’ll get free breakfast and access to a lovely summer flower garden. Smoking isn’t allowed inside, but is welcome in their “Pot-ting Shed” smoker’s lounge. For a more affordable, low key experience, stay at their 1940s Ballard Bungalow. Enjoy a garden swing, your own kitchen, and backyard berry-picking in the summer. Downtown Seattle activities are just a bus ride away. Visit Ballard farmer’s market, great local restaurants, or have a beach bonfire at nearby Golden Gardens. Smoking is allowed in their two outdoor seating areas.

Their Facebook is located here.

The Bacon Mansion – Seattle, WA

This 1909 Edwardian-style Tudor has a chandelier, marble fireplaces, a grand piano, and its own library. Nestled away in a quiet, historic corner of Capitol Hill, it’s two blocks from Volunteer Park and Conservatory while also being right next to Seattle’s center for nightlife, entertainment, and the rainbow crosswalks of its LGBT community. Smoking is allowed on the porches and patios.

Their website is located here.

Green Tortoise Hostel – Seattle, WA

One of the friendliest and most inclusive places you can find, this hostel also has a great location, just next to the famous Pike’s Place Market and the Seattle waterfront. Mingle with people from all over the world and explore the city just outside your door. The Green Tortoise has gender-neutral restrooms, beds with privacy curtains, computers, bicycle rentals, helpful staff, a great community, and a 420-friendly smoking room. Free breakfast is offered every day, with brownies on Sunday! (Not the special kind, unfortunately.)

Their website is located here.

The treehouse bungalows at Mountain Views BB are set in the beautiful backdrop of green.
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Mountain Views B&BMonroe, WA

Escape into the woods for a fairy tale-worthy get away. Get cozy under the twinkling lights of The Potleaf Treehouse. Set off on adventures to nearby waterfalls, hiking trails, or Steven’s Pass ski resort. Mountain Views B&B is a quirky, 420 friendly farm “with a Horse, Donkey, and Swearing Parrot.” Not far from horseback riding, kayaking, whitewater rafting, cave tours, and mountain biking, there’s plenty to do (or not do.) Smoking is allowed both inside and outside, with a vaporizer provided.

Their website is located here.

The Winston House – Seattle, WA

At The Winston House you’ll find a relaxing retreat and good vibes. You have three rooms to pick from: The Master Suite, The Urban Getaway, and The Light Sanctuary. Perks include a hot tub, a fire pit, and “complimentary cannabis gear.” House rules include: no smoking inside and “love the cats.”

Their website is located here.

Jupiter Hotel – Portland, OR

At this Portland hotel you can purchase the “420 package.” Your room will come with its very own cannabis care package, giving you almost everything you need to dive into the Oregon legal marijuana industry. Inside you’ll find an “Everything But The Weed” Kit, which includes a vape pen and discount coupons to local dispensaries, a “Munchie Kit,” and the latest issue of Oregon Leaf magazine. Smoking is not allowed in the hotel room, but consume edibles to your heart’s content. You’ll have to buy your own bud. But, hey, that’s part of the experience!

Their website is located here.

The Delta-9 House – Portland, OR

Bunnies, an outdoor grow, and fresh eggs from the henhouse for morning breakfast all included!
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Wishing you could smoke indoors? At The Delta-9 House, it’s not just allowed, it’s encouraged. Even the rooms are cannabis-themed. You have your choice between the Indica Room, Sativa Room, or Hybrid Room. At this stoner sanctuary, you’ll be provided with not just a homemade breakfast but also “papers, lighters, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, dab rigs, dab tools, torches, wax paper, rubbing alcohol, rolling machines, grinders, roach clips, and cannabis concentrates.”
With two legal pot shops just a short walk away, you can enjoy your legal weed and infuse it with all the weird of Portland.

Their website is located here.

Tender Bud AcresHubbard, OR

Want something a little more country? Near Salem, Oregon you’ll find a small, five acre farm surrounded by hazelnut orchards. Relax by the firepit, pick your own blueberries at the blueberry patch, or explore the nearby wineries, coast, waterfalls, hiking, and water sports. They take their hospitality very seriously at Tender Bud, providing guests with homegrown, complimentary cannabis. There’s hookah and other paraphernalia available to borrow, as well as a variety of string and percussion instruments, if you’re feeling musical. Smoking (including vaping) is allowed outdoors only.

Their website is located here.

None of those sound appealing? At Bud & Breakfast you can find 420 friendly lodgings everywhere from Vancouver to Uruguay. Or there’s always this 420-friendly hammock.


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