What are Concentrates?

What are Concentrates?
August 4, 2016 The Evergreen Market

Concentrates are any cannabis product obtained through extraction. Oils (primarily in vaporizer pens), waxes and shatter (vaporized in either a pen or a glass “dab rig”), extractions (don’t require a solvent to isolate) and tinctures all fall under the umbrella of “concentrates.”

So how many types of concentrates are there? A lot. But concentrates don’t have to be confusing— they’re usually named after their appearance and texture, or the way they’re produced. Here are the six most common concentrates and what you need to know about them.




Oil is a runny, liquid form of concentrate typically made with CO2 or Butane. It is usually found in vape pens or in glass syringes for easy, measurable dabbing.

Shatter gets its name from its smooth, glass-like texture. As its name suggests, shatter breaks easily into shards, so it can be more difficult to handle and measure. Shatter is commonly consumed using an oil rig, although vaping Shatter is also becoming increasingly popular.

Rosin is a translucent, sappy concentrate product. It is made without adding any solvents and is often considered as one of the most flavorful and purest forms of concentrate. We recommend inhaling your rosin with a dab rig, vaporizer, or hash pipe.




Wax takes on a creamy, coconut oil consistency that makes it easier to handle and measure than concentrates like Shatter, if you have proper dabbing tools. The most popular way to consume Wax concentrates is with an oil rig.

Budder is a softened, gooier form of Wax. It has the consistency of whipped butter. Like all concentrates, Budder has versatile uses, but we recommend using it with vape pens and handheld dabbers.

Crumble is a more malleable form of Wax that easily falls apart or “crumbles” when handled. Crumble is ideal for topping flower bowls or portable vaporizer coils.

How High Will You Get?

Concentrates are much more potent than flowers, typically containing 40% to 80% THC relative to 10% to 25% THC found in flowers. With their high potency, concentrates can provide faster relief for medical patients and provide a more flavorful experience for all users. The effects from different types of concentrates can vary, with vaping of oil producing the lightest effects, and dabbing wax or shatter producing the most potent effects.

We are committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality and safest products from producers who are all about a clean, flavorful, and enjoyable high that showcases the flower that it is derived from.

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