Review: Subdued Excitement – Tahoe Apricot

Subdued Excitement – Tahoe Apricot

Location: Ferndale, WATahoe Apricot from Subx review

Grow Method/Medium: Rockwool

Taste: Cotton, Rain, Sour

Aroma: Clean, Fresh Air, Candy

Mood: Relaxed, Happy, Contemplative


First Impression

subx tahoe apricot out in the sunshine in TukwilaI’ve never been let down by Subx, and also Tahoe is one of my all time favorites so this review was particularly exciting. The bud was beautiful, as expected, and the aroma jumped straight out of the jar when I opened it for pictures. Even with this being the case I wouldn’t say Tahoe Apricot from Subx is particularly stinky. I enjoy some skunky, gassy cannabis, but I love the clean Tahoe profile. Tahoe Apricot delivers on that. The taste made me think of clean cotton or outside during Spring, and bounced between a little sweet and a little sour.

The first hit was remarkably smooth, as were the ones that followed. This 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid behaves accordingly. Pretty quickly I could feel the high around my shoulders and the back of my neck. The relaxation and pure zen that comes from Tahoe strains is why I seek it out always.


10 Minutes in…

This weed was highly effective. Great for contemplation and relaxation; probably not ideal for focus. The high is a perfect pairing for an end of day wind-down. If you enjoy a good solo sesh, this might be a strain worth trying.

The high started more in the body but after a few minutes the head caught up. Not too heady, but definitely felt it behind the eyes.


Final Verdict

subx are top shelf growers from bellingham, WASubx and the team up near Canada is so consistent with what they put out. Tahoe Apricot from Subx is a smart purchase if you like strains that are balanced and peaceful. If you want something super skunky or gassy, maybe consider something else. For a clean, satisfying high then make sure you scoop some up.


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Written by: Nikki Marangon


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