Representing Cannabis at the ALS Walk in South Seattle

ALS Association’s Walk to Defeat at Seward Park.

South Seattle Cannabis was represented by the Evergreen MArket at the ALS walk in Seward Park.

What’s better than a sunny day in Seattle’s Seward Park overlooking Lake Washington? That same day coupled with supporting The ALS Association’s Walk to Defeat on September 8th, an annual event that brings people together to raise money to combat a devastating disease. Held in cities across the country, the Walk has raised more than $276 million since its debut in 2000. Especially since we have three South Seattle cannabis stores, The Evergreen Market team was proud to be part of this amazing day. We hosted a break station at the midway mark of the 2.5-mile run/walk course to offer water and apples to participants.

As hundreds of walkers and runners wound their way through Seattle’s Seward Park, many of them prominently displaying the names of loved ones they’ve lost to ALS, the Evergreen Market staff greeted them with smiles and encouragement.

South Seattle Cannabis Outreach.

When we first reached out to the ALS Walk organizers, they were excited to have us involved. The South Seattle cannabis community really cares about being involved and we’re proud to be part of that tradition. From our perspective, we are grateful to build relationships throughout our community where we can educate on the benefits of cannabis.

Saturday morning provided these South Seattle Cannabis experts a perfect oppertunity to give back.Many are familiar with how CBD oil may help provide relief to a number of physical issues such as muscle based-injuries, but researchers are finding that “cannabinoids effectively slow the progression of the disease, and help patient’s manage ALS’s associated symptoms.”

Additionally, cannabis can often help with relief from discomfort, inflammation, and (according to some peoples experience) feelings of anxiety. These are all symptoms that can affect ALS patients. We are also hearing tinctures are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for some relief because they are a great way to ingest cannabis in even doses and provide an alternative to smoking (which can be problematic for ALS sufferers due to weakened respiratory muscles).

“I was glad to be at the walk representing Evergreen Market,” said Jason Ardelean, who helped man our break station along with fellow educator Mike Rhode and North Renton Store Manager Michael Henderson. Ardelean continued, “It’s important to support events like these while also normalizing cannabis as an alternative. Some people still don’t realize how cannabis might be able to help them.”

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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