Review: Sirius Buds – Hustler’s Kush

Sirius Buds – Hustler’s Kush

Location: TacomaSirius Buds from Tacoma is now at Evergreen Market!

Grow Method/Medium: Hand watered soil

Taste: Cigar tobacco, Kush, Cedar

Aroma: Gassy, Cookies, Gum

Mood: Happy, Upbeat, Chill

First Impression

A handful of Sirius Buds flower will brighten any day whether you're in Renton, Auburn, Kirkland, Bellevue, or Kent!Hustler’s Kush from Sirius Buds has a near elegance to it. Like rich mahogany and leather bound books. The aroma straight from the jar is full of kushy goodness with a certain woody complexity. A connoisseur is sure to enjoy it and appreciate the profile, but even a newbie would be able to tell this is some serious cannabis.

The classy side of cannabis is strong with this one. Well worth the value at $40 an eighth. The bud structure is almost as pretty as the blanket of frosty trichomes sticky-ing up the kush.

The aroma after grinding it up was a touch more on the sweet side, but in such a delicate way I almost didn’t even mention it.

10 minutes in

This is a wonderful social smoke but try not to invite energy suckers into the circle. Hustler’s Kush is great for getting really real with the people around you. This kush strain makes for an excellent mental therapy strain when you just need to get some things off of your chest but don’t want to get too down about it. There’s an element of reflection in the high that’s worth the appreciation if you catch it.

Final VerdictWe're thrilled with our new arrivals from Sirius Buds.

Sirius Buds did a great job. Hustler’s Kush is an excellent choice all around, from start to finish. Would definitely pick this up again, particularly if heading out to a gathering of friends or a hang out date with someone. All the classic signs of serious dank were there—stanky, frosty, fast acting high—but the real differentiating factor for Hustler’s Kush from Sirius Buds is the atmosphere that high creates. It encourages connection and the revival of good, deep, honest connection. Any strain that encourages authenticity is a top ranking choice in my book.

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Auburn | North Renton

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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