Review: Saints Joints – Blueberry Margarita

Saints Joints – Blueberry Margarita


Location: Seattle, WASaints joints logo embraces their namesake

Taste: Blueberry, Sweet, Lime

Aroma: Blueberry

Mood: Engaged, Energetic, Heady


First Impression

There was a little bit of a cough from Saints joints Blueberry Margarita at very first, but with it came an immediate sensationSaints joints packs are as beautiful outside as they are inside.n of stoner eyes. A few puffs in the smoke smoothed out and became a pleasant fog of blueberry and dank. I want to say there was a hint of lime, but it was so faint to me that I’m not convinced it wasn’t a placebo from the strains name. Additionally, there was no running & resin-y paper. This not being my first experience with Saints joints, I feel comfortable saying the quality is consistent. Feel free to smoke this bad boy down to the crutch.

Some people are really not into pre-rolled joints and that’s fair. Furthermore, I understand there’s an abundance of companies who filled their joints with trim and low quality bud. Saints joints sticks with all full flower sourced from highly reputable farms like Gold Leaf or Fire Bros. To reiterate, these are not joints made from spare parts, and as such they might not be the cheapest option. For me, pre-rolled joints are a go-to for the convenience when I don’t want to mess with breaking down flower and going through the whole riggamaroll of loading a bowl. (The ritual of loading a bowl, of course, is sacred in itself but pre-rolled joints are unparalleled for situations without pokeys or a flat surface.)

10 Minutes inSaints joints come perfectly packed each time

I did smoke this at 7:12pm after a work day so my body was on team wind-down, but my head was nice and buzz-y. This was the type of high excellent for a book or one of those deep conversations about life or Aliens or reincarnation. Someone prone to social anxiety and supposed to go be a social setting, you might want to grab a different strain from Saints Joints. However, if you like to party and heady weed works for you then these might be the one. The energy isn’t like an OG Chem that can be super motivating (think, cleaning the house), but more like a good Super Lemon Haze.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I really enjoyed it. I would take into account how prone to paranoia & overthinking you are when you smoke if you’re considering Blueberry Margarita from Saints joints. The aftertaste was extraordinarily blueberry. Matter of fact, I recall almost sparking another one before realizing that I was plenty high already.


Written by: Nikki Marangon

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