6 Reasons to Replace Alcohol with Cannabis for Weight Loss

Why you Should Replace Alcohol with Cannabis for Weight Loss

It’s that magical time of year when the gyms are crowded and there seems to be a common theme in the air of ‘hey, maybe I should try to get less fat’. A quick piece of advice is to replace alcohol with cannabis for weight loss.

First off, you’re beautiful exactly how are you are. Secondly if that’s what you want then WE ARE HERE FOR IT. One of the biggest ways to slim down is to cut out drinking alcohol. Not only does it become basically just sugar once your body processes it, but most of the mixer and flavors that come with cocktails are also full of sugar too. Still not convinced enough to replace alcohol with cannabis for weight loss? Don’t worry, we have plenty of other reasons.

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1. The Hangover

Weed might give you the munchies, but nothing makes you feel like you’ll die if you don’t eat a cheeseburger or an entire pizza quite like a hangover does. A little-known fact about the munchies is that they can easily be overcome with some water and some willpower. On the contrary, a bad hangover will not be subdued without carbs & grease. If you replace alcohol with cannabis for weight loss, you’re automatically cutting out the awful next day hangover as well.

2. The Vibe

I don’t know how many other people have had the opportunity, but as a former bartender turned cannabis professional, I can easily spot the difference between a stoner party and a drunk party. The stoner party has nobody fighting or acting a fool. The drunk party? Somebody has already vomited in the parking lot and hopefully, it wasn’t you. Stoner parties are chill and notoriously filled with laughter instead of hot heads and egos. Want to be the zen in a drunk party? Stay lifted and above the bullshit by sticking with the sticky icky over booze.

3. Some Cannabis Strains are Appetite Suppressants

Weed comes in all different varieties. While the big stereotype is smoking ganja will make you eat everything in your fridge, this isn’t always the case. One of the cannabinoids found in weed is a compound called THCv. THCv has been shown to decrease appetite and put a full stop on the need to snack. Strains that sometimes contain THCv are GMO, Moby Dick, Mowie Wowie, Jack the Ripper, Durban Poison, and Cherry Pie. If you replace alcohol with cannabis for weight loss, you can use this pro-tip to also avoid the munchies.

4. Smoking weed is 0 Calories

Even the most low cal adult beverage still contains more calories than a toke of pot. Winners drink water (because they have dry mouth… from all the weed they smoke).

5. The SleepA man hiking in the woods to stay fit

What party isn’t complete without getting the spins so badly that you must watch The Office for the 117th time to keep from puking? Yikes. What if I told you that you could puff cannabis all night long and when you find your way to your comfy bed at home fall asleep right away. There is also a correlation between lack of sleep and weight gain. According to WebMD (https://www.webmd.com/diet/sleep-and-weight-loss#1) not getting enough sleep can effect feeling full and decision making when it comes to eating smart.

6. Working out while Stoned

If you’re anything like me, motivation is hard to create out of thin air. Getting amped to break a sweat gets a little easier after a sesh with some sweet mary-jane. The best part of working out while stoned? The music. Switch on your favorite up-tempo playlist and just keep the beat. Before you know it, you’ve put in a hour of physical activity.

Happy New Year and new you! You’ve taken a great first step with considering the removal of alcohol as part of your diet plan. Fortunately, smoking weed contains 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, and a full days servings of good vibes.

Whatever your vice is, remember to imbibe responsibly.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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