Visual Tour at House of Cultivar

big buds grown your own House of Cultivar
Welcome to the jungle! House of Cultivar plants looking happy and welcoming as we toured the garden.


It all starts in the lab, using a test tube and the tissue culture process.

Tissue Culture Lab of Cannabis
Test-tube babies being developed and grown before they can be transplanted into soil.


How to cut a clone from cannabis mother plant
House of Cultivar Clones!

 Lets take a stroll in the jungle…

Grown your own cannabis in i-502 legal cannabis market.
Happy ladies at the House of Cultivar Garden!

 House of Cultivar marijuana plants at the garden

Baby plants growing at House of Cultivar
Jason, one of the owners of House of Cultivar gives us a tour and shows the different stages of the process, from lab conception all the way to the final stage prior to harvest.

 Then we head to the final destination before the buds are packaged and sent to their store shelves…

House of Cultivar nugs in jars
The dry and cure process at House of Cultivar SODO facility.

House of Cultivar cannabis drying and curing
All the happy nuggets just waiting to be bagged up and enjoyed!

I love big nugs and I cannot lie!
Nugs curing to perfection! You can pick up House of Cultivar cannabis at any Evergreen Market location.

cannabis buds at House of Cultivar facility.
We love big buds and we cannot lie! Side profile looks real nice on this female.

Top Shelf marijuana at House of Cultivar
Head on she is even more beautiful! House of Cultivar produces top shelf cannabis.

Trichomes on deck !
Trichomes shine and sparkle like diamonds on these House of Cultivar buds.

House of Cultivar hairy nug curing
We loved looking at these bright colored flowers with their orange hairs contrasting against the green of the bud.

Cannabis consumption may increase energy
Want to enjoy crystalized buds like these? Swing by any of our three locations and find the right strain for your needs.

We hope you enjoyed this visual tour of House of Cultivar.

Visit our Auburn location next week on Thursday, October 19th for Vendor Day and get to meet their staff! Pick up their flower and preroll products on discounted special 4-7pm that day and get any of your questions answered by their knowledgable and eager staff.

Thanks for the tour, House of Cultivar!

On partnering with House of Cultivar:

“As a company, it has always been important for us to work with growers who are truly passionate about cannabis, and about the stewardship and growth of our industry.  House of Cultivar hits it out of the park on both counts.  They consistently have some of the most compelling flower on the market, they are innovators in cultivation and best growing practices, and perhaps most importantly, they conduct their business with honor and integrity.”

-Eric Gaston, Co-Founder, The Evergreen Market


Photography & Blog: Masha Brown


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