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More than Cannabis

Every now and then you come across something that you can’t believe you missed. Once you’re introduced, it makes you wonder how you ever managed without knowing about it. That’s how I felt about the Ceres product lines, specifically the Moon Cycle. The first thing I noticed was all the options provided as far as ingestion method. They come in coconut oil based tinctures, capsules, and topicals. All three consisting of the same ratio of cannabinoids and blends of herbs. There’s many lines of Ceres products, for the sake of this piece we are going to focus on the Moon Cycle. Specifically, it’s herbal blends and their importance.

What makes Ceres so special?

Something noticeable about all of this product line’s ingredients is the use of essential oils. Coconut oil is largely listed first, it’s what is commonly referred to as a carrier oil. This means it’s really good at aiding in the absorption of whatever it is mixed with whether it be another oil, herbs, or otherwise. Coconut oil remains as the perfect partner to bind with. The lauric acid in coconut oil also makes it rather antibacterial and antiviral in the human body. Lastly it absorbs exceptionally well into our skin, few things can perform the magic that coconut oil does in this regard. Being vitamin rich, it has been used for everything from wound treatment to moisturization for hundreds of years. When you combine all of that and add in beeswax and grapeseed oil, you’re given a gift that keeps on giving regardless of the method of ingestion.

High Quality Ingredients

Though all of the oils in the Moon Cycle line give it a leg above most, it’s really the herbal and root extracts that make it what it is. The white willow bark is probably the star of the show because of the active ingredient, salicin. A few of you may recognize salicin as part of the origin of aspirin. It’s what gives willow bark it’s amazing anti-inflammatory effects, people have been using willow bark since before the time of Hippocrates till now.

The use of black cohosh, a plant known to have been used by the Native Americans for everything from inducing labor to treating PMS, adds another level to the Moon Cycle’s pain relieving abilities. Black Cohosh gained popularity in the 1950’s for its ability to relieve multiple symptoms. Primrose comes in as the cherry on top of an beautiful pain relieving cake. It is native to the America’s, primrose has been used for everything from relief from fatigue to a dietary supplement.

Come in with any questions!

Everything about the Moon Cycle is meant for full body relief for both men and women. The care taken by Ceres to find a balance of cannabinoids and herbs is very well represented in the quality of both the Moon Cycle line and their other products. Stop by any Evergreen Market location with any questions you may have about these great products!

Written by: E. Wacheke, Educator at The Evergreen Market Auburn

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