Legal Weed in Las Vegas; Sin City Kush Tourism Is Open for Business

Trying Legal Weed in Las Vegas

visiting recreational cannabis store in vegas
The line outside of Reef, a cannabis store in Las Vegas, for legal weed!

Last time I set foot in Las Vegas was well over 15 years ago, I was still underage and remember mostly being dragged around the strip by my parents with the tour group. Needless to say, I was super stoked when I heard that Nevada legalized recreationally on July 1, 2017. We had finally booked Vegas; my finance was going for DefCon, and I was on a mission to see and smoke some Nevada buds, so checking out a local dispensary was on the to-do list.

The Store

Reef dispensary was our first stop after arriving at our Vegas hotel and getting settled in. It was a $10 Uber ride (each way) from The Mirage. When we got to Reef Dispensary, we were met by a 25~min queue. There were people from all over the country in line waiting, cementing that marijuana has no boundaries in the people who choose to partake and enjoy it.

Once inside they took our IDs and recorded the information into a system. After registration, you have a choice between two lines. One line leads to the express check out. Another line leads to another room, where you can see and smell the flowers – that’s where we went. While in line, you can view the menu. The line was about 5 minutes here, pretty quick and painless compared to the 20min line outside.

Las vegas recreational weed shop
Inside Reef, a flower and concentrate menu tells customers what is available.

Yay, we’re in! Oh … wait … another line.

Here’s what you see from the 3rd and final line. The line moved fairly quickly here. With hip-hop music playing, sexy girl paintings on the walls – it had a total Vegas feel. We were met by a lovely young lady at the counter; she was energetic and enthusiastic despite the non-stop long line. It was a very smooth and pleasant experience. They had smell jars at each checkout, the labels were informative – listing terpenes and potency percentages for each.

Legal weed in Las Vegas is a big hit!
Busy, busy store in las Vegas selling cannabis to locals and tourists.

Shopping Afterthoughts

For our five day trip, we picked up four 1g prerolls, and one 1g distillate cart (+battery), all for $100! She handed us our goods in an all black smell-proof child-proof bag. We were skeptical of its “smell-proof”ness at first, but it proved itself as soon as we opened it. The whole ordeal took about an hour from leaving the hotel to arriving back at the room again. So be sure to plan ahead and give yourself enough time if you plan on visiting a rec store.

Legal prerolls in Las Vegas
One of our purchases, prerolls. Yay, for legal weed!

In retrospective, I think two cartridges would have been a better idea, as discresion was paramount. Finding places to smoke the prerolls was harder than we anticipated. Please keep in mind that smoking marijuana in public is still ILLEGAL.

Puff puff pass in Las Vegas
Legal weed is so comforting whether at home in Seattle or on vacation in Vegas! Cheers!

Personally, I had never really cared for Vegas. I don’t gamble, nor do I drink much anymore. I didn’t understood the allure of Vegas, until now. Being able to smoke while away from home, brought a certain level of comfort. We ate a ton of foods, watched a show, played some blackjack, and explored the city – my Fitbit said I hit 20K+ steps each day while I was there! From the ease of access to everything, the variety of foods, endless choices of entertainment, people watching, and the newly available selection of marijuana, Vegas has definitely became one of my favorite places!

Written By: Fiona Fung

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420 foodie cannabis drinks
Sour T-iesel CBD Cocktail from Gracias Madre!

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