High Group

A true group of friends and creatives, High Group is a collective of artists: from videographers to photographers and models, all working together for innovative fun; pushing creative boundaries and inspiring each other to new heights of their craft.

Meet talented PNW and Seattle area photographers in cannabis, urban and nature lifestyle
The High Group Team from left to right; Frank, Ryan, Taylor, Hollis, Oleg & Blake.

As social media continues growing in prominence, (Fun Fact: there are now more cellphones on the planet than there are toothbrushes!) many use platforms such as Instagram for inspiration, to see new places around the world or connect with others of a similar mindset. If you have been searching for a local talent (or talents) to follow, look no further as these six bring variety and heat to their sets.

High Group was launched unexpectedly six months ago as the brainchild of Hollis Porter aka @bokeh.rang after organizing a meetup for photographer friends during the summer. Creating content using Puffco products, they saw a real need for a group of like-minded individuals in the Seattle photographer community, especially with a cannabis focus.

Unfortunately, the next event they only had photographers turn out, and that was truly the launch pad that started High Group.

Their third meet up, was when the idea came to fruition. They decided to host a general photography event, inviting designers, models, artists, to come together, and it worked.

Since, High Group has hosted a handful of parties and meet ups and they don’t plan on stopping the connections, creations and cannabis fun. It has been through these events that local talents can meet, greet and create, whether it is on the spot or at a later date. Artists come in a variety of personalities and often they are reserved in their work, possibly shy, and finding those they can create with can be a challenge. Events like these act as an ice breaker and the Group itself works as a barrier for protection. Safety is always the priority when meeting strangers from the internet, so having a group that can connect you with others who are of a similar mindset is helpful and can be a safety precaution.

Seattle High Group Christmas Party
Getting it LiT for the Holidays with @mfjane and @mashabrown.

Plans for the future include branching outside of the Washington State market to other recreational and medically licensed states. Currently they offer media packages to local cannabis producers, processors and retailers, fine tuning cannabis marketing to an elevated platform with professional content; offering fresh, fun and art forward images that create desire.

In a city where talent is constantly showing up, High Group continues to push their own limits with daring sets and lifestyle shoots, as well as artistc approaches to cannabis modeling.

Where do you find inspiration?

“We bounce inspiration off of eachother. We have a group text and we are on there everyday, sending pics and getting critiques, giving eachother constructive feedback. It’s important to look to those avenues too, not just cannabis photographs but other professionals in the field, locally and outside.” -Oleg Zharsky

Meet the Team!

Ryan Summers of Seattle High Group
Captured by Ryan Summer, a look at sunset in Downtown Seattle, WA.


Fav Photography: Night Cityscape / Landscape

Fav Strain: Indicas

Fav IG: @anonymous_truthseeker

Urban life and photography in Seattle.
Captured by Oleg Zharsky in Seattle, WA.


Fav Photography: Portraiture

Fav Strain: Dutch Treat

Fav IG: @oldppldoingthings

MF Jane poses with Seattle High Group, by Hollis
Photography by Hollis Porter in Seattle, WA.


Fav Photography: Street/Landscape

Fav Strain: Peyote Purple

Fav IG: @wendys

Taylor of Seattle High Group shares his PNW photography.
PNW landscape photography by Taylor Boyd.


Fav Photography: Lifestyle/Landscape

Fav Strain: Diesel Thai and Super Glue

Fav IG: @maxwellswift & @scott_kranz

Seattle High Group's Blake shares his PNW photography.
PNW landscape and hiking photography by Blake Gillies.


Fav Photography: Landscape/Lifestyle

Fav Strain: Sour Tangie

Fav IG: @juxtapozmag

Frank Chachon of Seattle High Group.
Captured by Frank Chacon.


Fav Photography: Portraiture

Fav Strain: Gummo

Fav IG: @maxwellswift

Like what you see? You can find more works by the talented individuals of High Group on their IG


Seattle High Group, local cannabis photography
Spark up the fun! @mfjane is prepared for a good time at High Group’s last event.

Written by: Masha Brown


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