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Evergreen Market Educators meet every Tuesday to discuss products, customer service and learn from our vendors.

The Evergreen Market’s Educator program is the first of its kind in the i-502 market.

Educators meet as a unit, sharp every Tuesday at 8am. Starting their day on a positive note, they share wins of the previous week; sometimes it’s discussing inspirational stories with customers and sometimes it’s something more serious like a difficult moment in customer service and how to over come it. This is the time to build each other up, share in their wealth of knowledge and get excited for future moves.

Evergreen Market Educators meet every Tuesday morning.
Educators (from L to R) Wacheke, Mike, Vaughn and Jared share highlights of the previous week with the rest of the team.

The Educator program was rolled out on 4/20/17. Today they represent roughly three educators per store, ensuring there is one on shift daily to assist a customer with deeper questions on products or provide that extra time to guarantee a newcomer is comfortable and can ask all the questions or sometimes just have an ear to be heard.

Informational presentations from vendors happen twice a month, every other Tuesday, allowing the team to focus one week on education and another on in-house trainings.

Jason Hutto, founder of House of Cultivar shares their mission with the team.
House of Cultivar team came to visit an Educator’s meeting to share their way of cultivation with tissue-culture labs. 

This Tuesday was a special treat with House of Cultivar team presenting about their operations; how tissue-culture works and their plan for world domination.

House of Cultivar shares their mission with The Evergreen Market Educators
Recently, House of Cultivar won DOPE’s Industry Award for Best Indoor Grow in 2017. Congratulations!

Co-founder, Jason Hutto started off the meeting as he shared the company mission, helping the team understand who House of Cultivar is and what they stand for. The brand mantra reminds us where the plant comes from and where it is going, sharing their aspirations and vision for the future of cannabis.

House of Cultivar has that “go-get it, world domination kind of attitude” and drive. A passion that has led them to great success, as seen with the recent win of Dope Industry Award for Best Indoor Grow 2017. Plus, they aren’t afraid to share their secrets. House of Cultivar prides themselves on their incredible library of genetics, where they use the tissue culture process to grow plants. They are constantly giving others in the i-502 market tours of their facility, even if it may be their “competition.” This is not about hording all the goods, but in sharing the  knowledge they have gained, to continue to raise the cannabis community and industry UP.

Washington grown tissue-culture lab setting cannabis from house of Cultivar.
Reading the brand mantra from House of Cultivar gives us shivers every time! How about you?

For this presentation a large focus was on kief; talking about their signature sift, a five-star sift they take great pride in making, used for their Goldfingers: prerolls that are hand painted with a distillate that is then covered in kief.

“The more pride we took in making fire sift or the really good distillates, the better they burned!”

As they described the process for making sift, it quickly became evident that its not just a mindless job, but something that is taken seriously at the House of Cultivar facility. With a careful and watchful eye to make sure that, depending on the strain, the process to make the sift may change a little. Using a microscope, staff check the heads on the kief, not just dependent on color but the size of the head of the sift. Usually they use a three-screen sift process, but depending on the strain, sometimes the ripe heads will get stuck on the second screen, where the processing team will then need to refreeze the second screen to see how much they can purify it again.

House of Cultivar shares their insights on the cannabis industry.
Left to right: Sean Callahan, Mike Hydro and Jason Hutto share their history in growing the staples such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush in the medical days and how excited they are to “get away from it” in i-502 to grow some other lesser-known strains that are just as potent.

Sean Callahan has been growing for 15 years and prides himself on their variety of genetics in their expansive library. They are big on the Chem’s and OG’s. “That’s all we grew in our medical days.” With mother plants literally sitting in veg for years for the opportunity to be grown in the i-502 market.

The Evergreen Market is honored to work with partners like House of Cultivar, who are leading the industry with their integrity, product care and the idea that we can unite the community by sharing our pool of knowledge. They are caretakers of issues; a coalition of individuals who have come together on a singular goal of cannabis in the new world, and we are so happy to be on this journey together!

Learn about House of Cultivar and The Evergreen Market

Written By: Masha Brown


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