Cannabis Education at our Knowledge Bar

Cannabis Education – In today’s technologically driven society, being a connoisseur is almost easy. The information is at your finger tips, and if you don’t have access to it at home, you can even come down to your neighborhood pot shop to educate yourself at the Knowledge Bar.


Front and center at our three locations in Auburn and Renton, is our inviting Knowledge Bar; a place to sit, relax, examine buds using our magnifying lens and spotlight, as well as read books or news articles on cannabis culture, brushing up your strain brain powers.

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Our library is well-stocked with some of our favorite books on Pot Culture and important how-to’s, like how to roll a joint or the importance of keeping a clean bong. You can also read up on parent strains to cannabis you have been enjoying at home for years.

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What used to be hard to attain in the old days, is now easily accessible thanks to a plethora of printed material; books, magazines, websites, chat rooms, applications for your phone as well as your local budtender or cannabis educator. We curate some of the best sources to bring you a library that is sure to enlighten and entertain.  

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A staff favorite has been the How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High by David Bienendtock. With answers to questions like How can I land a legal pot job? Bienenstock breaks down the plant from history, to how-tos and most importantly, keeps the voice alive of the cannabis community, to continue to use the plant for healing purposes of the mind, body and soul.

With the array of materials out there, growing your personal garden of knowledge about this magical herb is easier than ever before. In celebration of #FridayReads we pose the question, what will you be reading this weekend?

Perhaps a book in our library.

TEM in Auburn’s Ray Perique was the featured bud tender in this month’s Mg Magazine. Come down and read his interview or talk with him in person!


Written By: Masha Brown

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