Customer Appreciation

Thank you for being the most valuable part of our business. The past two years have been a very exciting journey for The Evergreen Market and we know that our success depends solely on your satisfaction. With such rapid growth, it’s proved challenging at times to continue providing the high level of customer service our community has accustomed to know and love. Honored to be voted the Best Cannabis Store in Western Washington, we plan to continue being the best. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some great new improvements to better serve you, the most important part of The Evergreen Market!


  • Expanded Hours: Monday – Saturday 8am – 11pm & Sundays 9am – 9 pm.
  • Dedicated team of cashiers and expediters to make check out smooth and fast
  • 10 % Birthday Discount
  • Evergreen Elite 20% off on 10th check-in
  • Weekly email newsletter with discounted products
  • Personalized Specials alerts based on customer preferences
  • Vendor Days moved to Thursdays 4-7 pm
  • For busier times; the ‘710 Method,’ each station is manned by a budtender to assist with your shopping needs
  • Mobile & Online Ordering System
Express Window helps Weed Snobs get their legal cannabis fast and easy.
Pick up your online orders using our Express Window

We are so excited to announce our online ordering! To place an order, click the Menu/ Order buttons from our website and choose the items for purchase. Pick up and pay for your products same day at either our Auburn or Renton locations using the Express Window. The Express Window is for online order pickup or if you know what you want when you walk in.



As we continue to grow, a major priority are well-informed customers.  We are introducing a few new roles, including the position of ‘Educator.’ Focused on deep diving the customers into details, features, benefits and various effects of our products, the Educator will allow for the needed time to discuss your journey and experiences with cannabis, with absolutely no rush.


What separates us from many other cannabis stores is how we care. We read all reviews, compliments and complaints, with one of our founders looking at every piece of feedback, making certain that the people who leave us comments, have their voices heard. We think this is very special about The Evergreen Market.

Next month we are excited for our Anniversary of two years at our Renton location. We will have specials going on to celebrate- stay tuned!


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