Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis isn’t just for delinquents anymore.

Eric Gaston introduces the educators to talk about edibles, vapes, and topicalsOne of the fastest growing demographics for cannabis customers in Washington State is a group that few people saw coming; cannabis for seniors. A generation who lived through decades of cannabis propaganda are finding relief and relaxation at their local cannabis store. Cannabis for seniors is improving the quality of life for more and more each day.

It doesn’t take much effort to draw the parallels. Cannabis has gone from being ‘the devil’s lettuce’ to a great alternative for troubles that come with advanced age. Topicals (infused lotions and creams meant to ease some physical discomforts) appear to be at the top of their list. Dragon Balm from Ceres and Flow Gel from Fairwinds are both options that seniors have had success with. These products help with things like dry, itchy skin, sore muscles, or stiff joints. The bottom line is we’re living in a time where you can get the benefits of cannabis without getting high or having to inhale smoke and seniors are ALL about it. These approachable alternatives to smoke are perfect ways to utilize cannabis for seniors.

What Seniors in Washington State are discovering.

Cannabis can be for everyone that is of age, but specifically cannabis for seniors can be the thing that eases some of the symptoms of getting older. Earlier this month we had a lively bunch from Village Concepts Brannan Park Retirement Community visit our Auburn store to hear about how legal cannabis products might help them. Day to day it’s not unheard of for seniors to face issues with sleeping well, tired and arthritic joints, and loss of appetite due to side effects of medications. Instead of having the doctor pull out their prescription pad and scribble down the name of another pill, we wanted to let them know there was another option to give a try.

Senior Outreach with The Evergreen Market.

Bonnie sits with the ladies and discusses what cannabis helps her withOf course, cannabis is by no means a cure all and it doesn’t have a universal success rate for everyone. Just to be clear, you should always consult with your doctor before making any changes that could impact your health. During their visit, what took me by surprise was how open to cannabis this rambunctious group of ladies already were. Elan (an educator from our Renton location across the street from Renton Airport) and Wacheke (educator from our Auburn location by the Iron Horse Casino) took the floor and covered some basics regarding topicals, tinctures, vapes, and edibles.

At the end of the presentation we took our guests out to the sales floor to show them around. Before they  ready to be rang up at the register.

They want more cannabis!

Educators talk about cannabis for seniors at the Bite of Gencare at their retirement facility at Eagle Ridge in RentonFollowing this visit we were contacted by Gencare, a retirement facility located in Renton up the hill from Valley Medical Center. Gencare invited us to participate in their ‘Bite of Gencare’ event where we set up a table with some treats (uninfused, of course!). The response we had was phenomenal! We spoke with a few dozen seniors of all levels of cannabis familiarity. A couple of their residents were already familiar customers of our stores. There were also some who didn’t know what cannabis could possibly do for them.

If you have an important senior in your life that you think could benefit from cannabis let us know! We would like to invite you to bring them by any of our stores to speak with an educator. Educators are our specialized budtenders that can be identified by the white lanyard around their neck.

To read more visit our press room to read the article about our Senior Outreach in the Federal Way Mirror!

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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