5 of our Favorite Edibles Available in Washington

Edibles have Become a new Favorite of People trying Legal Cannabis.

One of the more increasingly popular choices for people new (or newly returning) to cannabis have become edibles. Often edibles are a section of each recreational store that gets a little less attention than smokable bud or dabs do.

In Washington state as well as other legal states, the latest trend is the smokeless options being more appealing to test the waters with. Of course, edibles can be a little more unpredictable and include a high that may be slightly more difficult to manage. The key is to start small in regards to dosage, and work up until you can feel out your personal tolerance and the way your body responds. If you feel you may be getting too high the best thing to do is drink some water, eat some (non-infused) food, put on a movie, get comfy, and let it pass. Remember, no one has ever died from cannabis and you will probably not be the first.

1. Green Tea Peppermints from Swifts

Swifts mints are a discreet and fun way to stay elevated throughout the day.Swifts is an edibles company powered by the folks at Green Labs from South Bend. They have a beautiful selection of infused truffles, but it’s the variety of mints that make this particular list.

These mints won their category at Dope Cup in 2016. Not even close to your average Altoids inspired mint, these mints are green tea peppermint (other fruity flavors available too). They don’t leave your palate overwhelmed. As a person who isn’t the biggest fan of mint, I appreciate this. It allows me to enjoy more than one of their 2.5mg treats without feeling like I just finished off a box of candy canes. The effect is solid and easy to customize with each mint being more of a micro-dose than a full on edible ride. These are the perfect option for adding a little mindfulness, presence, and appreciation to a night at home, a movie, or a run through Game Farm Park in Auburn. Options are available for sativa/indica/hybrid specific as well as CBD.

2. Caramel Espresso Brownies and Chocolate Chip Blondies from Zoots

soft and delicious baked goods infused with cannabis from Zoots out of Seattle.One of the most absolutely consistent edibles companies on the market is Zoots. Based in Seattle, Zoots has been doing this since the beginning. They have products in other states and make sure the stores they’re on the shelves of stay stocked. Being the well oiled machine they are allows them to be found all over Washington state including our locations in Renton and Auburn. Zoots produces hard candies, beverage enhancers, and energy shots.

What has landed them on this list, though, is their line of Zootbites. In particular their espresso caramel brownies and blondie bites. Zoot’s brownies and blondies come in 10mg pieces. They come in two or six pack options, each individually wrapped (which only slows you down a little bit, just keep those scissors handy.) The brownies were one of the first edibles I had upon first going into a dispensary and remain hard to compete with. The blondies, however, entered the arena as an instant game changer. The high is nice and effective, the TASTE is what sets this experience apart. Even if they didn’t have cannabis in them, they would still be worth their weight in calories.

3. Marmas from Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Sweet asnd chewy gummy candies infused with cannabis, marmas from northwest cannabis solutions are great.Next up are the chewy Marmas candies from Industry giant Northwest Cannabis Solutions out of Tumwater, WA. These have been a longtime customer favorite. The packaging itself suggest a party and they aren’t too far off. Marma’s not only taste great particularly for sour candy fans (they’re somewhat reminiscent of a sour patch kid) but the effects come on pretty heavy for being 10mg a serving. It’s easy to eat more than intended to with these so be careful!

These treats also come in a CBD option that is a little more than the typical 1:1 ratio we see in the edibles market. At 25mg of CBD per serving they make a great option for people looking for a smokeless beneficial option.


4. Sodas from Evergreen Herbal

Drinkables are a perfect party favor for a cookout in your backyardThe hit of the Summer has been drinkables. The liquid category of edibles provides a fun way to refresh and get buzzed. They’re perfect while hanging with friends or after finishing up yard work.

My personal go to are the line of soda’s from Evergreen Herbal located in Seattle. With flavors like Orange Cream Pie, Moscow Mule Ginger Beer, Stoney Mt. Root Beer, Blaze Vanilla Cola, and Dr. Roberts it’s sometimes hard to pick which one to take home. These soda’s are infused with distillate. This means that whether you went for the 30mg or 100mg option you’ll likely feel the high start to radiate in your shoulders and throughout your body a little quicker than you would if you had eaten a cookie or chocolate edible. Each bottle comes with a shot glass that measures the appropriate serving size so you can easily track how many milligrams you’ve drank.

5. The Journeyman Line from Botanica Seattle

A great value for edibles in auburn and rentonLast (but certainly not least) Journeyman snacks rounds out the list. Journeyman’s aim is to provide a great value that allows you to have a good time. The folks at Botanica Seattle have gotten creative with these products. The packaging is colorful and fun, the products are a great high. From their variety bag of cookies, to their couch potatoes (mini chocolate bars livened up with potato chip crunch) Journeyman keeps things fun and easy without endangering your wallet.

Come see us in Auburn or Renton to see the full Journeyman line that includes Fruit Jellies, Weed Tarts, PB Crunchies, and Rocky Mellows.

Everybody has their personal likes and dislikes when it comes to taste. We think everyone might enjoy these are five products out of our edibles case, but feel free to stop by our North Renton location by Renton Airport, South Renton location by Ikea off 167, or our Auburn location The Iron Horse Casino to see our full selection. Our new Kirkland location is opening soon!


Written by: Nikki Marangon

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