5 Key Facts on Marijuana for Seniors & the Elderly.

5 Key Facts on Marijuana for Seniors & the Elderly

As marijuana legalization spreads across the country and both recreational and medical use become increasingly common, many senior citizens and elderly individuals are either trying cannabis for the first time or rediscovering the benefits of cannabis use from their younger days. Marijuana for seniors has been life changing for some citizens who have been feeling slowed down.

At Evergreen Market, we care about our senior customers and the many elders in our communities who can benefit from responsible, legal cannabis use. To help guide seniors who are considering legal marijuana, we put together the following key pieces of information. We also invite seniors in the greater Seattle area to stop by any of our clean, friendly locations so one of our experts can help you find the perfect set of cannabis products to try.

• Marijuana for Seniors can help relieve chronic discomfort

Marijuana can effectively help many common, aches in senior citizens.

As a senior citizen, you should be able to enjoy restful, rewarding time socializing with family and friends, pursuing hobbies and participating in everything that life in your community has to offer. Yet all-too-often aches, stiffness, and discomfort are major barriers that prevent seniors from enjoying their “golden years”. Marijuana for seniors might be the thing that can change that.

Fortunately, legalization of cannabis represents a huge victory for seniors and all others who might suffer from sore joints, nausea, dry skin and other common, uncomfortable maladies.

Did you know you can benefit from the power of marijuana without even smoking? Evergreen Market offers a variety of rubs, lotions, creams and other topicals that have been carefully engineered to maximize the relief offered by cannabis.

• Marijuana isn’t frightening or edgy

Legalization and mainstream acceptance have erased the irrational stigma around marijuana use for senior citizens.

In areas where recreational and medical cannabis are legal, marijuana use has been normalized, with everyone from suburban retirees to full-time parents disproving the idea that cannabis is only for slackers or suspicious types. In fact, more parents and grandparents are openly using marijuana and communicating about their use in a healthy manner with their children and grandchildren: just see our blog post on “Pot and Parenting” for some examples. Marijuana for seniors is just another part of cannabis going mainstream.

For most seniors, maintaining the respect of friends and family is a priority, but fortunately legalized marijuana is so widely accepted and enjoyed that you won’t have to keep your cannabis consumption a secret. You can look forward to enjoying all the many benefits of responsible cannabis use along with the ability to share that part of your life openly with friends and family, knowing that by now society has had a chance to adjust to the new social norm of safe, legal cannabis use by members of all generations.

And if you still carry any lingering stigmas around marijuana use, consider the fact that historically it was not only legal in the United States at one point but also has been used safely and responsibly in many cultures and communities throughout time, stretching all the way back to prehistoric societies. Armed with an open-minded ability to consider its many benefits, you can quickly discover the many benefits of one of the most beloved and useful plants in existence.

• Marijuana can improve special experiences

Marijuana can enhance the outdoors, live music, dining, and other favorite senior experiences.

Now more than ever, seniors are highly active: if you’re a senior, this is an obvious truth, and even members of other generations have probably noticed their elders out and about, enjoying their well-earned leisure time.

While the negative, outdated stereotype of some marijuana users resembles more of a couch potato persona, in reality marijuana is a powerful tool for enhancing many activities and unique experiences. Trying marijuana once, or even using it consistently doesn’t need to limit your active lifestyle: instead, cannabis can enhance it.

At Evergreen Market, we love encouraging our customers to get out into the world and see how marijuana can enhance social activities, outdoors adventures and many other special moments. Read our guide on using marijuana to elevate experiences to find ideas of how specific strains might fit your upcoming plans.

• Marijuana doesn’t necessarily get you “high”

While the classic “high” feeling is more easily achievable than ever thanks to potent strains with high levels of THC, strains that are higher in CBD and have little to no psychoactive effects are also widely available.

Some seniors may be nostalgic for the classic high they experienced in younger, more carefree days – and the contemporary cannabis market is more than happy to oblige, with strains that can provide anything from a slight buzz to major euphoria.

However, if those types of feelings aren’t your preference, or if you’re a senior who never smoked when you were younger and want to try cannabis now, you also have plenty of good options that won’t leave you with a typical high. Strains that are high in CBD provide a more relaxing body-based experience (plus anti-inflammatory properties) to help you unwind and take it easy without a euphoric psychoactive feeling.

• Marijuana for Seniors is an all-natural way to treat yourself well

Self-care isn’t just for younger folks, and marijuana is a sensible way for seniors to prioritize their own comfort and well-being.

Most seniors, whatever their cultural background, share one common generational trait: they grew up valuing hard work, responsibility and grit.

If you’re a senior citizen now, these values likely resonate with you. And they’re likely the attributes that allowed you to be successful and persevere through all of life’s many challenges. However, these admirable qualities can also lead to reluctance or even guilt when it comes time to finally relax and do something nice for yourself.

You probably recognize on some level the importance of taking care of yourself and of treating yourself to relaxing, pleasant experiences, but may not know where to start, or may struggle to prioritize it during any given week or month. Using cannabis is a wonderful way to stop putting off your own self-care. We encourage you to explore different marijuana strains and products over time, put your feet up one night and enjoy a pre-rolled joint. Or make an event of it and sample some edibles with other seniors – however you choose to enjoy cannabis, it will be a meaningful step towards taking better care of yourself.

Let Evergreen Market Help You Discover All that Legal Cannabis Has to Offer

If you’re a senior who wants to learn more about marijuana, we encourage you to read the informative posts on our blog, or connect with one of our educators. If you’re a resident in a retirement home or active lifestyle community and would like to have Evergreen Market come speak about the benefits of legal cannabis please send an e-mail to Nikki@theevergreenmarket.com and let us know! We will reach out to the staff at your residence about setting up a field trip or an offsite presentation.

We would love to meet you in person and help you find the right cannabis solutions for your needs. Come by any Evergreen Market location, and we will help you find a personalized set of cannabis products to meet your needs.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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