• Alyssa Blackwell

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Alyssa is our Assistant Buyer. Originating from Portland, OR, she has been in the industry since medical days. Alyssa enjoys hanging with her bulldog Stella and watching science documentaries. Alyssa has been with The Evergreen Market for almost 2 years now and is happy to call it her home. ❤

  • Gillian the bookkeeper who just got her MBA stands behing the knowledge bar with her bright red hair

    Gillian West

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Gillian was born in Washington, but spent many years abroad, she is very happy to be back! Her education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and currently pursuing her MBA. She is so delighted to be working in the legal cannabis industry. Helping open people’s eyes to the value that it can bring to their lives if they have an open mind and are willing to a little trial and error.

  • Michael Henderson

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Michael “Mick” is proud to have joined The Evergreen Market family just over a year ago. One of the many things he gained and perhaps most cherished of all is the family he found in Evergreen. It’s been a good year!
    Michael began his love affair with Cannabis in Bellingham, Washington during the days of Medical. A do-it-yourselfer at heart, Mick could only consume the wonder plant for so long before having to get his hands in the soil. The rest is history!

  • Tommy Nylund

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Tommy has been with the company for almost two years and is happy to be a part of this journey. He grew up in the South King County Area, and loves to smoke and chill with friends, and especially his brother. It was in Colorado where they got their first taste of medical marajuana. Trying many strains and talking to a variety of owners led him to walk through The Evergreen Market doors.

  • cannabis professionals women

    Nikki Marangon

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Nikki gave up a career in Seattle’s bar scene when she met the cannabis industry a few years ago. She’s gone from budtender, to manager, to buyer, and cultivated a lot of relationships within the 502 market along the way.

  • Amanda Widell

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Amanda has worked in the cannabis industry since 2013.  She started working part-time in a medical garden, where she loved getting grubby and talking to the plants.  After the laws changed to recreational, medical gardening was drastically reduced. 

  • Educators

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Congratulations to all of our newly minted Educators. Each one of these team members have consistently embraced our mission of Educate, Celebrate, Elevate, and each has been selected to lead our floor teams at each of our three stores. These Educators can be identified by a white lanyard, and they are here solely to make sure that every customer is getting the time, knowledge, and love that our customers have come to expect from the Evergreen Market. So please stop in and say hello: we are all passionate about cannabis and will continue to make it a priority to share this passion with newbies, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between! All are welcome, and we welcome all. And remember, “Your Journey Starts Here.”

  • Jason Strain

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Jason moved to Seattle in 2013. He grew up primarily in the Bay Area and has been passionate about cannabis for many years. Jason’s professional history is in retail, sales, and production/manufacturing. He loves dogs, coffee, and comedy.

  • Porcia Droubay, Cannabis Merchandiser

    Porcia Droubay

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Straight out of high school Porcia started out in a small glass shop in Tacoma about 7 years ago. They specialized in selling bongs, pipes and anything to do with smoking cannabis. This is where Porcia also discovered that her passion for art could be merged with the cannabis community. She became a medical patient and a care provider for her mom shortly after entering the industry. Becoming a patient really opened up her mind to how cannabis works, the plants versatility and how it can benefit all different walks of life. Once 502 was legalized and after working for a few smaller retail shops, The Evergreen Market welcomed her with open arms!

  • Bri Williams, Business Analyst Renton weed

    Bri Williams

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Bri began her love affair with cannabis years ago and since then has evolved into an aficionado through her involvement with growers and processers. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology, she transplanted to this coast in order to work in the marijuana and music industries. Before jumping ship, she previously worked extensively in data analysis and process development with industrial distributors. Bri is enthusiastic to bring her skills to the cannabis industry and be part of The Evergreen Market.