• danny khuu director of product strategy

    Danny Khuu

    - by The Evergreen Market

    Danny Khuu has been a part of the cannabis community and celebrating it since 1996. He has ten years of marijuana cultivating experience that also include five years of processing in Washington State’s Medical marijuana Industry.

  • Shannon Vetto CEO

    Shannon Vetto

    - by The Evergreen Market

    As CEO of Evergreen Market, Shannon brings her passion for best-in-class retail and customer service. She is a hands-on leader, working closely with the teams to improve how we do business. If you catch her during your visit to one of our stores, don’t hesitate to say hello!

  • Eric Gaston, Jeff Anderson & Arne Nelson

    - by Thomas Warinner

    The Evergreen Market was founded in 2014 by Eric Gaston, Arne Nelson, and Jeff Anderson. They are three dads from Issaquah who met while their daughters were in the YMCA Y-Princesses.