Shannon Vetto’s passion for customer service, background in investments, and keen sense of leadership make her an ideal CEO of the Evergreen Market. She is a natural mentor with an abundance of experience leading teams, developing strategy, and being the catalyst that takes companies to the next level. Shannon originally joined the Evergreen team as Chief Strategy Officer, and after spending years helping direct the company and going above and beyond her duties, when the time came to name our CEO, she was the obvious choice.

Shannon treasures the customer experience. She believes in prioritizing how we treat people and making sure our staff is trained to deliver the best experience that Washington retail has to offer. Her vision for Evergreen Market is not limited to being best-in-class within the cannabis industry– Shannon believes Evergreen Market is best-in-class retail for any industry.

Shannon can be found within our stores working with the team to constantly improve on how we do business. If you catch her during your visit, don’t hesitate to say hello!

Shannon Vetto CEO