Review: Royal Tree Gardens – Stink Bomb

Royal Tree Gardens – Stink BombRoyal Tree Gardens is an artisan small batch cannabis grow in Tacoma, WA.

Location: Tacoma, WA

Grow Method/Medium: Soil

Taste: Fuel, Sweet, Rose

Aroma: Gassy, Pungent, PNW

Mood: Lifted, Relaxed, Hungry

First Impression

A jar of Royal Tree Gardens set against the snowy outside.As a loyal Royal Tree Gardens fan I was pretty excited to smoke this stuff. I love stinky, gassy, in your face weed so I was ready for Royal Tree Gardens to bring the stink. I smoked this strain in a joint not knowing anything about Stink Bomb prior. When I cracked open the jar gassy dankness crept out tinged with something that made me think of a PNW forest. It was difficult to place but it made my lungs really happy to take a full, deep breath of it. I finally landed on somewhere between forest and rose, but still feel it not the perfect fit for Royal Tree Gardens Stink Bomb flower.

The first few puffs were pretty fast acting. I smoked with a friend of mine and witnessed their eyes become glassy in a matter of moments. Smoking Royal Tree Garden’s Stink Bomb from a joint rolled in raw papers was impeding the real taste for scientific reasons we opted to also load a bowl into a glass pipe and smoke using a hempwick. The fuel aroma translated to a nice stink to the sweetness of the smoke.

10 Minutes in

Royal Tree Gardens comes through again with some sticky icky Stink Bomb.Great High! Stink Bomb from Royal Tree Gardens had enough of a body high to ease my shoulders back and take the tension out of my back. The mental buzz was solid enough to still have me wanting to be up and doing something without being too heavy in my head to remember what I was doing. This could be a couchlock lovers great choice for daytime and still being productive. I didn’t feel stuck at all, but the noticeable relaxation in my body felt great.

Final Verdict

I would likely pick up Royal Tree Garden’s Stink Bomb again. I could see this being a great recovery strain if dealing with sore muscles or mild physical discomfort. A lot of potential for stress relieving and relaxation which is a big reason why a lot of people turn to cannabis.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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