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Evergreen Market is a cannabis dispensary, with stores in Renton, Auburn, Kirkland, and Bellevue.

Blue Roots – Champagne Kush Location: Airway Heights, WA Grow Method/Medium: Aeroponic Taste: Light, Soft, Kushy Aftertaste Aroma: Kush, Floral, Delicate Mood: Balanced, Content, Flexible   First Impression The very first thing I noticed was

Cannabis Education Within the Industry With the changing nature of perception around cannabis, we’ve seen a drastic shift in what society sees as a “stoner”. From the old school “Cheech and Chong” model, we are

Cannabis Deals & Gratitude

A friendly farewell to wrap up your first time cannabis shopping experience

Cannabis Deals & a Message to our Customers The 502 industry has treated us very well, most recently expressing itself in the form of some sweet cannabis deals we’re able to offer to our customers.

Saints joints packs are as beautiful outside as they are inside.

Saints Joints – Blueberry Margarita   Location: Seattle, WA Taste: Blueberry, Sweet, Lime Aroma: Blueberry Mood: Engaged, Energetic, Heady   First Impression There was a little bit of a cough from Saints joints Blueberry Margarita

A trademark of Skord are super frosty nugs.

Skord Marijuana – Blue Lime Pie   Location: Battleground, WA Grow Method/Medium: Soil Taste: Blueberry, Citrus, Sweet Aroma: Berry, Zest, Baked Mood: Relaxed, Floaty, Sleepy   First Impression This bud from Skord Marijuana broke down

Talon Hammons is undefeated and pro-cannabis thanks to CBD benefits.

Washington State’s Pro-Cannabis MMA Fighter Talon wraps up his hands with extra padding on his knuckles for added protection. When someone pictures a cannabis user, for the majority there’s imagery of Cheech and Chong that

Aurum Farms is perfect to take along on any adventure.

Aurum Farms – Lemon G   Location: Lyman, WA Grow Method/Medium: Soil Taste: Light, Citrus, Diesel Aroma: Citrus, Chem, Pine Sol Mood: Giggly, Content, Social   First Impression The smell on this bud from Aurum

Ema was all smiles after being named winner of the THC Award for our North Renton weed store.

The Evergreen Awards The Evergreen Market’s annual Holiday party is something that each employee looks forward to. This year, we added a very special new component we called The Evergreen Awards. We have the best

It’s official! The Evergreen Market is now offering health coverage to their retail store employees. Cannabis employee health insurance has been offered to salaried and corporate employees, however, The Evergreen Market will be one of

Eric Gaston is no stranger to business or legislation so corporate giants like Marlboro don't scare him.

With giants like Marlboro and Corona positioning to enter the cannabis arena what does the future hold for the little guy? The news of big corporate companies like Marlboro and Coca-cola positioning themselves to enter

Zoots blondies are the perfect adventure for not leaving your house.

Zoots – Kooki Dough Blondie Bites   Location: Seattle, WA Method of Infusion: Distillate/CO2 Taste: Exactly like chocolate chip cookie dough Mood: Relaxed, Sleepy, Ready to watch a movie   Zoots Edible Company Zoots is

Dank Czar's Super Silver Haze shines gold in the sunlight and provides a fast acting energy boost.

Dank Czar – Super Silver Haze   Location: Arlington, WA Extraction Method: Butane Taste: Earthy, Woodsy, Smooth Aroma: Fresh cut wood Mood: Energized, Social, Awake First Impression Getting this review going was no issue at