Magic in a Bottle: NW Wonderland

CBD & THC Spray Tinctures

Magic in a Bottle: NW Wonderland Spray Tinctures
July 12, 2017 The Evergreen Market

 Discreet Edible Fun

Avi of NW Wonderland and I! Thank you for the tour and interview.
Sometimes ordinary life can become so mundane we have no sparkle left inside us. Good thing there is NW Wonderland and their magical tincture line to bring back that shimmer and shine to your days!
One edible line The Evergreen Market carries is  Spray Me from NW Wonderland, focusing on instantaneous effects of cannabis when taken sublingually (placed and held underneath the tongue where your absorption into the bloodstream is much faster).
Avi, Head of All Magical Operations, is unlike any you may have met before. Passionate about the plant, Avi has been active in cannabis research and production for the last 12 years, first starting in medical and evolving into present day I-502.
nw wonderland spray edible

Just some of the inventory. NW Wonderland produces a variety of tincture sprays in CBD and THC.

Her spray line is all gluten free, sugar free and vegan (coffee spray is only one not vegan), with natural and organic ingredients. Avi prides herself on sourcing local ingredients and always using exceptional love and magic in all her creations.
With a tight-nit, all- women run operation, Avi maintains majority of departments such as branding, distribution and development.
Excited to announce, Avi told me about her upcoming launch and anniversary party. The event, scheduled for end of summer or beginning of fall will be hosted by Infused Events, allowing a unique opportunity for a few special guest to meet Avi and find out personally about her magical creations and line.
spray tincture nw wonderland

Have you found a Golden Ticket yet?

Back in 2014 Infused Events made history by doing a first cannabis event of it’s kind in Washington State. Titled ‘Cannabis Carnivalus,’ it featured everything from canna-burlesque and boylesque,  meaning burlesque with cannabis themes and costumes, as well as male burlesque dancers, so there was something for everybody!
In addition to live music, art and live nude art, a James Beard award winning chef created edible face painting for guests to enjoy. Attendees relaxed with infused massages, a green room bus, as well as performances, treats, joint rolling workshops and even an infusion seminar!
Although a small production, NW Wonderland packs full flavor and results into their small bottles of spray tinctures. Swing by any of our three locations to grab your favorite blend, and check out our recent interview with the potion maker herself!
Since they carry high THC & high CBD options, you can customize your own ratio, throughout the day! One spray of each for a 1:1 ratio, or a little more of one for something different-you can have it any way you like!
We should be able to enjoy cannabis whenever and wherever we like, without having to announce it to the world. These sleek and discreet magic potions, make just that, possible. Enjoy!
spray me discreet fun

All the flavors of magic from NW Wonderland Spray Me collection.

Written By: Masha Brown


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