New Evergreen Elite Rewards Interface

Effective July 31st!

New Evergreen Elite Rewards Interface
July 31, 2019 The Evergreen Market

New Evergreen Elite Rewards Interface!

Starting July 31st Evergreen Elite members will notice a change in the way they view their rewards points with Evergreen Market! Who doesn’t love cannabis customer rewards, am I right?

Whereas historically it’s been accessible through a link texted to your mobile that you can see your points and rewards available, we are now getting an upgrade to a new way to view and redeem your rewards. Evergreen Elites will now be able to place an icon on the home screen of their smartphone for an easy one-click way to see your account! You will still earn a point per dollar spent and redeem your rewards at the register.

How do I get the new wallet?

The new wallet will come to you! Once it goes live on July 31st all members of Evergreen Elite will automatically update to feature the new wallet.

Why is it better?

Instead of having to keep track of a link or check your points balance whenever you’re in store, the icon acts as an app that lives on your home screen. Getting cannabis customer rewards is now more convenient than ever! Access is easy and your points are displayed right on the home page along with all the rewards you have earned. There is also a slick new QR code used to  check in when you visit us!

How do I get the home screen icon for Iphone?

Screenshot of an iphone showing steps to download to home screen for cannabis customer rewards

How do I get the home screen icon for Android?

Screenshot of a phone showing steps for android users


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Written by: Nikki Marangon


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