Danny Khuu, Director of Product Strategy, has been a part of the cannabis community and celebrating it since 1996. He has ten years of marijuana cultivating experience that also include five years of processing in Washington State’s Medical marijuana Industry. While operating as THC treats and Indi Cola, he provided bottled beverages, candies, lotions, and an assortment of baked goods for patients and casual users alike. He has watched and played a part in the Cannabis Industry’s growth from garage grows and home baked goods to mass production farms and edible factories. His hard work in the cannabis industry landed him on Marijuana Venture’s 40 under 40 list for 2020 found here.

Here at the Evergreen Market we make sure that every product that reaches our shelves are tested by our staff of experts to ensure that the quality of product and potency is there. Our consumer’s experience is very important to us as it sits at the top of our agenda. This leads us to partner up with companies that care for the growth and evolution of the industry as well as our community. We find that spreading the knowledge of marijuana and its many forms is key to leading us to the ever changing future of cannabis.

With new forms of marijuana strains and products being created every day, there isn’t a better place to appreciate the times than at the Evergreen Market. Come in and enjoy the new experience of buying marijuana, in a real market atmosphere where you can roam free and celebrate the times. Your journey starts here….

danny khuu director of product strategy