The Cannabis Talk

The Cannabis Talk with Your Kids Now that cannabis is gaining legalization across the nation, it might be time to bridge the topic with your children and have ‘the cananbis talk.’ A challenge facing parents today is … Read more

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Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis dates back further than most might think, with records from 800 BC of “Bhang,” a milk based cannabis tea concocted in present-day India. Stems, seeds and buds were ground up, many times mixed … Read more

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An Unlikely Journey

As an attorney, and former prosecutor, my journey into the cannabis industry was as unexpected as it is atypical.  I started my legal career in 1995 and ended my career as a partner in one … Read more

Journey On

My journey started with an idea, a dream, a concept. Backpack around Europe making plans as I go. The hardest part of this was that it goes against all of my usual tendencies, as I’m an … Read more