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Evergreen Market is a cannabis dispensary, with stores in Renton, Auburn, Kirkland, and Bellevue.

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The Cannabis Talk

The Cannabis Talk with Your Kids Talking to your kids about cannabis is just as important as sex and alcohol. Now that cannabis is gaining legalization across the nation, it might be time to bridge the

Just in time for the busy holidays, The Evergreen Market knows how to make the festivities better – with cannabis, of course! The Evergreen Market’s employees voted to open on Christmas Day 2016 (with extra

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Change Careers, Follow Dreams

The cannabis industry in Washington State is a roaring success.

“I feel it’s so important to have the conversation with people who are just getting comfortable with the idea of cannabis being legal. It’s ok to love cannabis and not feel like you have to

Danger Ross Arts create Cannabis The Last Supper

Danger Ross Art Artist Derek Ross, owner of Danger Ross Arts It just kinda chose me,” said Seattleite Derek Ross about his artwork growing up. From the moment he could pick up a pencil and

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Kush Valley Farm & Extraction Center Tour

Kush Valley Farm & Extraction Center Tour Nestled in the Goetz Valley, locally known as Kush Valley, is the grow and extract operation created by young entrepreneurs and friends. Kush Valley Farm Building all green

Cooking with Cannabis

souffle cannabis cooking kief butter

Cooking with cannabis dates back further than most might think, with records from 800 BC of “Bhang,” a milk based cannabis tea concocted in present-day India. Stems, seeds and buds were ground up, many times mixed

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Amsterdam: The Vegas of Europe

amsterdam evergreen market coffee shop cannabis

Amsterdam life; canals, cannabis and bicycles! Upon arriving at the Amsterdam Central station via train from Schiphol Airport, my nose led the way to my first coffee shop, Kadinsky. First legal purchase of marijuana in Amsterdam,

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An Unlikely Journey

journey cascade mountains

Eric Gaston, Founder As an attorney, and former prosecutor, my journey into the cannabis industry was as unexpected as it is atypical.  I started my legal career in 1995 and ended my career as a

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Journey On

Venice Canals My journey started with an idea, a dream, a concept. Backpack around Europe making plans as I go. The hardest part of this was that it goes against all of my usual tendencies, as

Mad Mark ladies grow tall and green

You will not find another operation like Mad Mark Mas Farms in Enumclaw, WA. He’s “been doin’ it,” as he likes to call it since before i-502 was even a dream. Mark Seegmueller, Owner Mad

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Sharing is Caring; The Cannabis Community

They say sharing is caring. Most definitely true, but there are not many cultures or communities that give so altruistically as the cannabis community. “We should smoke!” A phrase not only to be heard or

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Celebrating 25 Years of Seattle’s Hempfest

cannabis event

Seattle Hempfest Festival ‘Everyone is coming out of the green closet.” Said Harmon Weitzman, from Topshelf Cannabis. “Isn’t it time?” This was just an excerpt from an earlier conversation he had in the year, but