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Evergreen Market is a cannabis dispensary, with stores in Renton, Auburn, Kirkland, and Bellevue.

Indica leaf with a joint in Seattle, WA

Keep Your Tolerance Down & Your High Up! After possibly decades of cannabis enjoyment, you may start to feel it takes more weed to get high thanks to your tolerance levels. We know this can be

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For centuries cannabis products have been used for relaxation and pleasure, enhancing mood and experiences, including those special moments in the bedroom. Some strains have been linked to improving libido, blood flow and energy, depending

cannabis dinner legal weed washington state

Cannabis dinner table was set for an elevated evening! There is something magical when you bring together open-minded people of all walks of life with one common denominator, cannabis. On March 11 The Evergreen Market

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Budtender Spotlight: Wacheke

“I’m a firm believer that life is meant for the gaining and sharing of knowledge; it is through this that we will succeed.” Upon meeting budetender Wacheke, you get a sense of calm just being

ULINE attacks the cannabis industry

ULINE does not support the cannabis industry, so we will take our business elsewhere. Since Washington state legalized the recreational sale of marijuana, gross sales are pushing the 2 billion dollar mark with the cannabis

Customer Appreciation

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Thank you for being the most valuable part of our business. The past two years have been a very exciting journey for The Evergreen Market and we know that our success depends solely on your

New Renton Store Opening Soon in the IKEA District! February 16, 2017  We are thrilled to announce that we have broken ground on our third store, located at 4242 E. Valley Road, Renton, WA!  Our

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Intentional Cannabis Consumption

Keep a weed journal

Cannabis can be used to boost productivity or creative thought. I consume cannabis on a daily basis. I also consume cannabis with intention. There are many reasons why I choose to smoke bud, eat an

It’s been an especially cold winter. No one knows that better than those fighting the elements and living outside, as well as the staff at REACH Center of Hope in Renton and the Auburn Food Bank and Shelter.

Top Signs You are a Weed Snob

While on the search for Weed Snob Wednesday content, I stumbled upon an article entitled ‘6 Things Only Weed Snobs Do’ but the last one upset me- “Weed Snobs Give Up Flower.” Excuse me? Glass on glass

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The Cannabis Talk Part III

The Cannabis Talk Part III – Communicating to others you are now in the marijuana business & the cannabis talk Co-founder of TEM, Jeff Anderson “This is one of the most enriching factors of being

legal cannabis the talk with your kids

The Talk Part II The Talk is a three part series on the discussion regarding cannabis, with your kids. In this blog, Brenna Anderson daughter of founder Jeff Anderson, shares her experiences on growing up in a time before